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Mid 40's, male, Irish, married. Posting photos which excite, arouse and amuse me, are sex positive and which in my viewpoint appeal to persons of all sexual persuasions. It may be something as simple as the touch of a hand, a particular look in the eye or the tone of the composition but all photos I blog for a reason. I rarely comment on photos but prefer to let them speak for themselves. Sex is fun but can also be messy so you will see bodily fluids from time to time, though thankfully none that might necessitate a liberal shot of air freshener.

My previous bio, when I first started this blog in early 2012, stated that while I am happily married, my wife and I are sexually mismatched leading to my creating this blog to satisfy my appetite for all things sexual.
In recent times we had become more open sexually in both communication and experimentation. I attribute this recent sexual frankness to the confidence I gained through interactions here on Tumblr. My wife didn't want to miss the zeitgeist so she recently read "that book". Yes she agreed with popular opinion that the prose in 50 Shades sucks but also agreed that the book has opened up a world she didn't know existed and which, for a short burst of time at least, aroused her curiosity for all matters sexual....the knock on effect was that we both enjoyed a brief resurgent sex life ,though not particularly BDSM flavored. I have come to accept that our sex life goes through peaks and troughs, as I write this we are past our last peak and heading to a place all too familiar......and frustrating. Enjoy it while you can I say.

She still does not know about this site, for now it is my secret side, a place just for me, and you too of course, where I can succumb to my desires and fantasies and take comfort in the ecstasy of self pleasure, something I am quite the expert at.

I have written some posts but not too many; you can read them by clicking the link on my front page called "my written blogs"Happy to hear from you at
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